Wisconsin Beer Lovers Festival

Weather Plan
This is a rain or shine event, but the safety of our attendees, vendors, volunteers, and staff are of the utmost importance.  We will monitor the weather and if we see lightning in the area or feel like it is imminent, then we will evacuate the event area until safe conditions return.  In the event that we need to evacuate, we have instructed our security personnel to use megaphones to start announcing the evacuation and telling everyone they must leave the event space.  Bayshore has instructed us that everyone should take cover in a nearby store or covered area such as the hallway to the parking garage as soon as possible.  In the event you are near the main entrance  to the mall, there is a large corridor next to the Boston Store.  It is not safe to remain under your tent in the event of lightning so please do not stay there.


Once safe conditions return, we will allow everyone to re-enter the event.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

*This event is a rain or shine event

5800 North Bayshore Drive
Glendale, WI 53217

Saturday, June 17
1pm – 5pm


The Wisconsin Beer Lovers Festival is the premier beer and food pairing event of the Summer for Wisconsinites and Visitors from all over the US.  DRAFT Magazine has partnered with the Wisconsin Brewers Guild, the City of Glendale, WI, and the Bayshore Town Center to host more than 40 Wisconsin breweries alongside local restaurants and cheesemakers that will provide samplings of over 100 Wisconsin beers, delectable restaurant favorites, and famous Wisconsin cheeses.


A Can’t Miss Exhibition of Wisconsin’s Top Brews

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